Why First Title?

Quality Assurance

Ensuring quality of our work is paramount at First Title.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our employees and clients are satisfied with the products and services delivered. Below is a list of “checks and balances” in place and designed to ensure compliance and quality.

Audit of Escrow Accounts and Escrow Policies – First Title writes title insurance through several underwriters. Our escrow accounts are frequently audited to ensure that our policies and procedures are compliant with the most current Federal and State regulations. First Title has never failed an audit.

Audit of Entire Accounting Process – In addition to required audits by our underwriter, First Title engages the firm of Sagar & Rosenberg, LLC to audit our books annually; as well as the firm of Schneider, Downs & Company, Inc. and and A-Lign CPA’s to review processes, policies and procedures.

SSAE 16 (Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16) SOC 1 – First Title has successfully completed an audit in accordance with the SSAE 16 SOC 1 auditing standards. The audit was conducted by an independent SSAE 16 auditing firm, and consisted of an in depth analysis of its accounting policies and procedures, technology infrastructure, business processes centered on technology, and operational policies and procedures.

The technology and customer service you need for a smooth closing

Operational planning and process optimization—only afterthoughts for most title agencies—are the cornerstone of the First Title advantage.

With technology advancing at a literally exponential pace, the old ways of performing real estate transactions have become outmoded and clunky. With the help of a forward-thinking partner, lenders can enjoy an efficiency, accuracy, and value unimaginable ten years ago. At First Title, we strive to be that partner. Our technological and operational advancements are unparalleled by ordinary title agencies, and the difference shows in the simplicity and speed of our clients’ title and closing experience.

We work with individual clients to customize the ideal process mapping for their way of doing business. Our tailored, client-centric approach facilitates a hitch-free transaction from beginning to end. Using automation, self-population, and a transparent, user-friendly technology, we help clients cut cycle times and increases profits. Our goal is to garner an individualized strategic approach for each client, thus creating a partnership that generates increased ROI with every transaction. With First Title’s system, you will never wait a moment longer than necessary and never waste another keystroke.

Our dedication to leveraging new technologies is complemented by the knowledge and maturity of our team, which has the expertise necessary to pursue industry best practices. We are constantly measuring our performance, re-evaluating our processes, and adhering to the notion of Continuous Improvement. Our commitment to improvement and technological innovation make us stand out in the title and closing industry, and this commitment is what makes the closing experience so smooth for the lenders with whom we work.

Using our proprietary technology, FirstVision®, and our unique approach, we help clients transform and simplify their organizations. With the technology, maturity and flexibility of First Title, our clients are partners for life.

Experience the First Title Advantage

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